Ultrasonic Heat Meters

Product Tecnical Specification

  • Internal high capacity 3.6V lithium with min.6 years battery life. 
  • Special designed calculator case, can be adjusted within 0-120°range in vertical, and can be rotated within 0-350°range in horizontal, easy for reading data from different directions.
  • Can be installed in flow pipeline or in return pipeline, and can be installed in either horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Temperature measurement via two platinum resistance thermometers PT1000
  • DN15 ~ DN40 dimension
  • Support CJ188,EN1434:2007( GB/T26831) communication protocols
  • Supports optical, RS485 and M-Bus interface
  • Standard EN13757 Protocol and Dynamic range of 250:1
  • MID certificated taken by PTB Germany
  • Compatible with NOWA protocol

Technical Data

Technical Drawings

ICV Smart Control Valve

ICV series intelligent control valve is a kind of ultra compact intelligent control valve which co-works with thermostat indoor to control the temperature indoor within a comfortable range. The valve communicates with thermostat which collects temperature information and uploads to the remote management center and the valve can be operated by the management center remotely. ICV series intelligent control valve cooperates with indoor thermostat by wired or wireless communication.

 Product Tecnical Specification
  • M-Bus communication interface
  • Reversible communication with indoor thermostat with wired or wireless
  • Read temperature data from thermostat and upload to host computer
  • The management center can control the valve to open/close/lock/unlock
  • The management center can set the temperature data, time and work mode
  • Dual power supply with M-Bus bus and internal 3.6V lithium battery
  • Always be opened automatically when M-BUS power down


WTCM Room Thermostats

WTCM series wireless and wired indoor thermostat which is developed for cooperate with ICV intelligent control valve specially, programmable to control temperature in different periodof time. The thermostat communicates with ICV control valve by wire and wireless signal. 

WTCM Wired Indoor Thermostat  WTCM Wireless Indoor Thermostat

Product Tecnical Specification

  • Large LCD screen can display the information such as current time, current temperature, valve status, valve open/close etc.
  • Wireless or wired communication with intelligent control valve, measuring temperature
  • Indicate heat consumption information such as accumulated heat and flow, instant power and flow, temperature in flow and return pipe
  • Indicate status of payment, remind the user for permant
  • Two working modes can be selected: automatic mode or manual mode 
  • Parameters can be set manually such as current time,rezervation time and temperature etc. 
  • Sending all necessary datas to the management center
  • Control the valve to open or close according to temperature set automatically



All models of the heat meters have MID certficates in accordance with directive 2004/22/EE of European Parliment and the council of 31 march 2004 on measuring instruments ultrasonic heat meter by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) EN1434, OIML R75.